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Car Upholstery Cleaners Hull

Car Upholstery Cleaners Hull

Cars are cleaned in the same way as we clean our suites. We use our small wand which has been developed from the beginning of cleaning carpets, this unique instrument has been developed by prochem.

steam-pro-2000Our process of cleaning your car begins with the spraying on of the chemical multi-pro a stain detecting chemical from prochem. Once your car upholstery has a surface of prochem, we shall scrub the chemical deeper with a small brush.

Then we leave for 5 minutes. Once the chemical has been absorbed we shall use our steam pro 2000 which deep rinses the upholstery removing most stains.

Finally, we add the finishing touches: spray polish, give car worktops a brush down and leave a free air freshener!

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Car Upholstery Cleaners Hull

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